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David Cunliffe speaking at the MIA Business Growth Conference
David Cunliffe speaking at the MIA Business Growth Conference
5 July 2016
Driving Future Motorsport Business Growth Conference - 7th July 2016

David Cunliffe, Managing Director of DC Electronics will be speaking about maximising international trade at the MIA Business Growth Conference on 7th July being held at Sahara Force India Formula One Team headquarters.   

Almost 200 international cross-sector business leaders will gather at Sahara Force India Formula One Team, for this one-day international business growth conference. 

At the core of this conference, key industry leaders will share and discuss their thoughts on maximising international export and inward investment opportunities, as well as the ongoing evolution and increasing application of innovative practices, processes, skills and technologies both between parallel industrial sectors and global export markets. It will also provide a valuable forum to build international and cross-sector networks, generate future business and stimulate increased international trade and enhanced cross-sector collaboration.


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DC Electronics will be exhibiting at the Race Retro Show 2016!